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North from the Kadi Aldeshan - Jashalpur road far away from the big lake. Its a very famous and historical place known as " Malji Bhagatni Vav". Before thirty years, A person name Malji Bhagat who had been build a Stairwell then onwards a place known as "Malji Bhagatni Vav". In 2003, renovate temple and build a big temple of Malguruji, Hanumanji, Goga Maharaj and Surajgiri Maharj.

Malguru Sansthan Trust

Inoguration of new temple in 2001, A new temple of Malguru Maharaj, Dattatreyji, Hanumanji, Nagdevtaji and Surajgiri Maharaj in 2003.

Malguru Education Trust

Established in 2004, The aim of "Malguru Education Trust established to promote students in education and day to day progress in their future career.